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Unixmo Dev Tools

1) New Zealand Holidays (API)

As developers sometime we need to deal with holidays and yes we have some API's that can get New Zealand Holidays from, But they are either served over http(which you cannot use with https) or need to get an API key which most of us don't want to do. So we at Unixmo thought to give away a simple API that will make our developer life easier. We have two methods you can use

IsNZPublicHoliday will give the holiday name of given date, you just have to parse the parameter datestring (DD/MM/YYYY) format and if it is a holiday this will return the holiday name or else will return empty.

NZPublicHolidays will give you all the holidays between two dates, you just have to parse the parameter fromdatestring (DD/MM/YYYY) and todatestring (DD/MM/YYYY).